Whether this is your first time working with a photographer, or you are a seasoned pro, I want to make sure you know what you can expect.


I am genuinely invested in you and your big life moments.

I didn’t used to be this way when I was younger, but I’ve become a huge mush ball in adulthood. I know it might sound cheesy but I truly do care about your big life moments and want to be more than just a photographer to you. I want to feel like a friend.

Whether this is your work baby, your actual baby, your wedding day or any other big life moment, this thing you’re doing is a big deal! (Or else why would you be here?)

I probably will cry during your first dance, or ask your little one about all their favorite foods, or want to know everything about your new restaurant because I really, like really really, do care.


I’d rather be honest than impressive.

If you prefer a fly on the wall photographer or want the wind to stop blowing because it’s going to mess up your hair, we might not be the best fit. I live for the messy, the authentic. If you’re looking for a deal and think photography is a just another task to check off the list, that’s totally fine! I’m just not your guy.

I say this because in the end, I want us both to leave our session with big ol’ smiles, feeling like we were totally the perfect fit. The value of these images will only increase over time and I believe in the importance and significance of capturing them. Your photos are going to last a lifetime - and many, many more.


This should be fun!

Having your picture taken can sometimes be a bit daunting. “Where do I look? What do I do? What in the world do I do with my hands?”

Don’t worry. All you need to do it show up and let me do the rest. I will guide you through all of the awkwardness and I promise, we will get gorgeous, honest and unforgettable photo gems.

That inside joke between you and your partner that you say in your silliest voice? Let’s do it. That face that makes your baby boy cackle and lose his mind. Go for it! Nervous? Have a glass of wine before (or hell) during our shoot! Sing, giggle, tickle. More often than not, I will have you wiggle around in between shots. Get loose, get comfy. I repeat - this should be fun!



Exclusive little goodies, just for you



After our shoot wraps, I can’t get you out of my head. No, not like that, but I am just so psyched to see our images on the big screen! When I get home, I usually run straight to my computer to start downloading and editing. I’m just so hyped and giddy from our shoot - and this feeling is how I know I truly love what I do.

You can expect a text from me by the next day, if not the day of. I will probably be fawning all over you like a proud momma bear. Like I said, I’m a HUGE mush ball, guys. 

Another little reason I like to text a pic or two is so we can Post. That. Content!

We live in the internet world and I’m a millennial girl.  ::wink::



This part just comes naturally. I loved our session. I love our photos. I want to share them with you quickly because I just love them so freaking much! Because of this, I have a 2 week turn around or less. Some other photogs deliver final images a few months after a shoot. I’m not throwing shade. It’s just a different way of doing things.

I have love for my clients and this is how I show it. 

Two weeks after our shoot, you will receive an email from me linking to your high resolution, online gallery.  From there, you will be able to view, favorite, share and download. To keep the images in your control, you will receive your own unique download PIN. 

I also offer custom art printing and framing. Inquire here.

Pro tip: This comes in handy when you are getting ready for the Holiday season!

Pro tip: This comes in handy when you are getting ready for the Holiday season!



I’ve worked for years to perfect my style. It wasn’t easy because I appreciate and admire so many different looks and styles out there. However after years of experimenting, I finally landed on what is most authentic and unique to me.

As you probably know by now, I don’t do wild, pop-y colors. Neutrals, greens, earth tones and blacks and whites are my jam. I’m not the biggest fan of jumping photos. 

I adore earthy minimalism with a focus on genuine human emotion. If this is what you’re into, then by George, you’re gonna get it! I promise. :)



I have a design background so I got those Photoshop skillz if you want ‘em!

Just so we’re clear, I think you’re beautiful just the way you are. I’m all about body positivity and self love so if you are self-conscious about something, let me know before our shoot.  I will pose you and adjust during our shoot to help you feel your best.

With that being said, if you are in love with a certain photo but have a blemish that reared it’s lil head, distracting cat hairs on your sweater (this is me 24/7) or maybe a distracting scrape on your knee, I got you. I will do complementary retouching on 3 images of your choice. 

You want this goofy, smiling face. Hungry Susie is grumpy Susie.

You want this goofy, smiling face. Hungry Susie is grumpy Susie.


In other words, I’m going to whole-ass this.

I only take 1 session per day - no more than 3 sessions per week.

As for weddings, I only book 2 per month.

When I’m with you, I give you my all. If I’m burned out, stressed about rushing off to another shoot, or just plain hungry, I’m not providing you what you deserve. You deserve my best and by limiting the number of projects I take on, I am able to deliver just that.


Pricing and What I Offer



Ok, you lil’ love birds.

Let’s do this!

First things first. We get coffee or drinkies. You tell me how you two met, your engagement story and literally anything else you want to share! I want to get to know you!

Getting to meet face to face before the wedding is crucial. You want the comfort of a familiar face (and hopefully friend) chronicling your wedding day. Can you imagine a total stranger third-wheeling on one of the most special and intimate day of your life? yipes.

As someone who has been on both sides of weddings, I’m here to help along the way. I know the right questions to ask to help build out the day’s schedule. Need a Hair & Make up Stylist who can come to you? I have the perfect gal. Want an empowering cheerleader who will tell you it’s okay to break traditions and elope to the mountains. I got you, babes.

Let’s make something beautiful together.


There is something to celebrate! Freaking HOORAY!

A beautiful bebe is in your tummy. You’re engaged. You’re getting engaged! You’re a badass and need some amazing portraits. Maybe this is the last year your oldest and youngest are living under the same roof or your toddler just started walking!

Whatever it is that you’re celebrating, I would love to help you remember those special moments forever.



Engagements & Proposals


Families & Newborns




Whether you need to tell your personal professional story or you need to tell your business’, I’m here to help.

Polished, professional and relatable images will help you stand out in today’s market. The internet is here to stay, which means you want a baller internet presence. Vertical images get more engagement on Instagram. Horizontal images are more versatile for website use. Tips and tricks like these will help me deliver the most eye-catching and effective images to you.

Before our session, I will also want to get to know your business or craft. If I can imagine myself as your ideal customer or client, the more powerful photos I will be able to take. This way I make sure that the photos I deliver are as effective and appealing as possible.


Let’s create something beautiful together.