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I met my husband at a party while stuffing onion rings into my face

Plant hoarder

~ But ~ attempting minimalism in every other facet of life

Schitt’s Creek, The Office, Murderino (if you know, you know)

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My nickname and favorite food: Sushi

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My love for photography started in a darkroom workshop in 7th grade and my main subjects were my cats and any other animal I could get to sit still long enough. Though I knew I had a love for photos, I also knew that society expects you to get a “real” degree if you want to be successful. I attended University of California, Riverside, majoring in Political Science and Communications. In my senior year, I interned on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

After I graduated, I knew I was ready for an adventure.

East Coast - check. West Coast - check. Midwest…?

Even though I had never been, I packed up my life into my car, my dog Milo riding shotgun, and we hit the road to Chicago.

Of course, there were bumps along said road. After I arrived in my new home and had eaten more deep dish than any one person should, I had to get a job. I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue so I started a string of mediocre jobs, most of them unfulfilling and hostile. During my first year here, I suddenly lost my mother. Then, I lost my drive. I lost whatever little direction I had.

Those experiences made me take a step back and think about what I truly wanted in life, not what I thought I should want. So, I saved up a nest egg. I quit my job. My own little photography business was born.

A couple years later and here I am in my new NorCal home, with my dream job, my wonderful husband Jeremy, two kitties and my sweet, faithful Milo.

I am beyond grateful that I get to do what I love. Let’s create something beautiful together.

Ugly sweater partyyyy with my main squeeze

Ugly sweater partyyyy with my main squeeze

Milo, our doggo of 10 years, was best boy and ring bearer at our wedding. Look at that smile!

Milo, our doggo of 10 years, was best boy and ring bearer at our wedding. Look at that smile!

I was a runner before I blew out my knees ::crylaughcry::

I was a runner before I blew out my knees ::crylaughcry::

Cheesin’ in Iceland. We love love love to travel!

Cheesin’ in Iceland. We love love love to travel!




“I had the pleasure of working with Susie for a corporate photoshoot (which was fantastic) so when I was looking for a wedding photographer I reached out in hopes that she knew of someone. To my surprise, she told me of her experience shooting weddings so I was immediately sold on the idea of having her capture my special day. Susie was professional, great to work with, easy-going, and made everyone feel at ease (as most people really dislike having their photo taken). When I used two of the photos for our thank you cards, we received so many compliments on them - all thanks to Susie's great eye for composition. If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would!”

- Denise C.


“I felt completely at ease during the entire photo shoot. Susie has the perfect combination of professionalism and a down to earth attitude.”

- Adam L.


“Susie was amazing and really captured our dream Chicago wedding.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  Susie was open, honest, flexible, and a joy to work with.  I felt so comfortable around her.  She is so down to earth and genuinely cares about making your day extra special.  Thank you again, Susie!!!”

- Jennifer B.


“My husband and I were lucky enough to have Susie as our wedding photographer. I was initially referred to Susie by a friend who had worked with her in a previous life at a marketing agency.  As soon as I saw Susie's portfolio on her website and then met with her to talk through our 'vision' for the wedding, I knew she was it. Her photos are not only technically beautiful but also capture all of the undefinable magic in moments (cheesy but true!). This is what I first loved when looking at her photos online (even those of Chicago and San Francisco). And, my husband and I certainly saw this materialize in our wedding photos. In sharing the photos with family and friends, we've heard a lot of "wow, these are REALLY fantastic" in that 'we actually mean this and aren't just saying it to be nice' tone.  Nowadays, so many wedding photos feel too professional and lose the heart/soul behind them (which is really all you want to capture in your wedding!), but these certainly did not. Finally, Susie was incredibly flexible in accommodating to our somewhat non-traditional wedding schedule which spanned 2 days and 1 evening. And, she is very professional - highly responsive and organized. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am happy to be a reference via email or phone. Please just ask her!”

- Morgan H.

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Motorola Solutions

Hyatt Hotels

The Infatuation

United Airlines

Alfred Lane

Artisan Talent

McDonald’s Corporation


eBetter Doctor

Lincoln Hall



Let’s create something beautiful together.